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                                       Tuesday, August 19th | 5:30-7:00                                                              

Success in Your Organization:

What's Your CIQ (Cultural Intelligence Quotient)? 

Pic of Sasha Arjannikova

Sasha Arjannikova, Ph.D.
Organizational Culture Expert

Your understanding of culture and diversity can be a true influence on your success, especially in the Bay Area. Understanding cultural factors can give you a distinct edge in your ability to leverage people's talent, influence outcomes, and gain acceptance for your programs. 

At this month's enlightening session, Dr. Arjannikova will share the latest research you can use to affect create positive and measurable outcomes in your organization. 

And if you are a consultant, this is key! You've got to be able to quickly read and adapt to your client's culture to build and maintain rapport and produce the results you're being paid to produce.   

Key Takeaways:
  1. Unlock the key elements of workplace culture:
    • Explicit (overt)
    • Implicit (covert)
  2. Discover the impact of cultural elements on:
    • Training
    • Organizational development
    • Change management
    • Business processes
  3. Learn the key cultural influences in your organization that can lead to success or undermine it

Staying on top of this topic is essential to you!
Investing a couple hours at this session will yield greater sustainability for you in the training marketplace and you'll pick up some new ideas that will make you a better eLearning developer or decision-maker. Click the link!


Several Mt. Diablo Members Now FIREWALKERS

Our May 20th chapter meeting "Using Peak Performance to Have a Breakthrough Career Year" inspired several members to attend the
Tony Robbins "Unleash the Power Within" weekend event on
June 26-29. They report that it was unbelievably impactful. They
learned how to control their state
and then demonstrated that control
by walking across a bed of hot coals without suffering any burns
whatsoever. It was a living, experiential metaphor for how much more
we are capable of achieving in our lives and careers,
and a weekend
with the power to change everything!

Anthony Robbins BannerUnleash the Power Within Banner

Did you download the slide deck from the meetings you attended? 

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